Margo Marrone
Co-Founder of The Organic Pharmacy


The Organic Pharmacy was co-founded in 2002 by pharmacist and pioneer of clean and natural beauty Margo Marrone.

Our approach now combines the power of certified organics with the triple expertise of a pharmacist, dermatologist and our beauty therapists to craft and curate clinically proven skin solutions.

We get up close and personal with your skin, to provide it with the care and support it truly deserves. We’re dedicated to eco-designing formulas that give your skin and body exactly what they need to remain healthy, nourished and protected.

By striking this balance, we offer a performance-driven organic and natural alternative to conventional beauty brands.

We’ve always believed that people should be able to make an informed choice and we will always look for the organic and natural way to create our skin problem-solving and health products.


We maximise the concentration of organics and naturals in all our formulas to deliver both the efficacy and the sensory experience our customers love. Products will contain up to 99.8% organic ingredients as per the ISO 16128 standard.

As the British pioneer of clean and organic beauty, we only use natural fragrance, preservatives, emollients or tensio-actives for their kindness to the planet and to the skin. We choose to black-list GMO, mineral oils, SLS, phenoxyethanol, silicones or chemical filters.
We do use safe synthetic ingredients when similar efficacy is not naturally available or if the sourcing is not sustainable. Such ingredients like niacinamide or retinol are synthesised in a lab and we choose to focus on the ones that do not involve petrochemistry and that are clinically proven to be safe to use.

We also strive to find highly performing plant-based alternatives to well-known lab-made ingredients, like bakuchiol, the natural substitute to retinol.


Co-founded by a pharmacist, The Organic Pharmacy has been formulating skin and health solutions for over 20 years, based on certified organics and naturals. We know what ingredients works best for your conditions.

Since then, our research and development has been and will always be supervised by a pharmacist. Which means that all innovations or reformulations are developed under their control.

We started as a pharmacy in London and are now part of the Italian pharmaceutical company Istituto Ganassini. Today more than ever, we stay true our pharmacy DNA and we believe our products should be accessible to all: with uncompromising quality and safety you can trust, with a product offer easy to navigate and with excellent value.


Safety and efficacy are our top priorities which is why all our skin products are tested under dermatologist supervision.

Dermatologists are doctors who specialise in conditions that affect the skin, hair and nails. They diagnose and treat common conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema, and they may also address aesthetic concerns, such as wrinkles.

Our tests are supervised by a dermatologist who will check the situation at the beginning and the end of the test, who will stop the test for any patient who would react and who will sign off the results. This is not an industry standard, so not every brand does it.

And thanks to their expertise, we only launch products and routines that address a skin concern, after they confirm that the formulas are safe and actually work.


Beauty therapists have been using our products for decades, and in 2023, over 5,000 treatments were performed in our London clinics and with our global spa partners.

Clinicians know your skin and the power of human touch. They know massage techniques, application tips and product combinations that we happily share.

Their expert hands together with our skin solutions create a uniquely sensory experience that delivers results you will not forget.


Today it is so difficult to navigate the efficacy “speech”, the over-use of efficacy % and even the definition of tests and trials.
We choose to clinically prove the claims we make on our packaging. And this is what “clinically proven” means for us:

+   Our tests are performed by independent laboratories in a “clinical” environment.
    That is not at home, and not by / on friends, family or colleagues.
+   Strict protocols involve scientific measurements of the skin (for example: size of pores, length and depth of wrinkles, …)
    at the beginning before use, and after use. Under the supervision of a dermatologist.
+   Our tests usually last 4 weeks and up to 12 sometimes.
+   When the panel of testers include sensitive skin, and if the results are OK, we can claim “Suitable for sensitive skin”.

Of course, we also ask questions to our testers (like “do you feel your skin is more comfortable?” or “does the product penetrate well” or “is the fragrance nice and at the right level”), but we do not rely on their feelings to prove the performance of our products: we measure the efficacy so that you can trust our organic and natural formulas actually work.