Discover the secret to radiant skin with our organic toners, the cornerstone of hydration. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Green Tea, our expertly formulated toners are clinically proven to enrich your skin. Praised as ‘The Best Soothing Toner’ by the Daily Mail, our toners promise a dermatologist-approved, luminous complexion.

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Designed to be used as the second stage in your four step skincare routine, our natural toners are designed to hydrate and prepare the skin ready for your serum and moisturiser. Use your toner after your cleanser to leave your skin fresh and radiant.


These toners are suitable for normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and combination skin. So, no matter your skin type, you'll find the perfect toner right here. 

Whether you're looking to boost collagen or soothe your face, our natural skin toners will target areas of concern while providing a hit of hydration ready for the next step in your skincare regime.


Our award-winning formulas are inspired by nature, and we use organic, sustainably sourced ingredients where possible. We only use the highest-quality herbal and botanical extracts, such as floral waters, aloe vera, green tea, and bilberry, to ensure that our natural organic toners will be taking the very best care of your skin.


The Organic Pharmacy toners are scientifically proven to work. Nothing leaves our labs unless we can be sure of the short- and long-term effects. We never test on animals, and all of our toners are cruelty-free. We also have a fantastic range of vegan skincare that's free of any animal products.


To complete your regime, take a look at the rest of our skincare range. We also have a selection of natural face masks that have all been specially formulated to cleanse and refresh your skin to leave it feeling healthy and radiant.


Over two decades of knowledge goes into creating our award-winning formulations that are driven by results. We'll give you free UK delivery as standard. So, shop the range of cruelty-free natural face toners today.