The Organic Pharmacy’s 10 Days Detox Kit

The Organic Pharmacy’s 10 Days Detox Kit

The Organic Pharmacy’s 10 Day Detox Kit

When we hear the word detox, we tend to think of gruelling diets with heavy restrictions. This detox is different. Formulated by our co-founder, Margo Marrone, 20 years ago, our 10 Day Detox is a complete programme that replenishes the body with essential nutrients, rather than depriving it. For more information on our Detox Kit and how to achieve optimum results, click on the link below!


The past 100 years have seen a tremendous increase in industrialisation and the use of toxic chemicals in our environment. From our food to our homes to the air we breathe, we are exposed to these chemicals; and over time, these toxins can accumulate in our bodies, preventing cells from functioning at their optimum level. Our bodies are designed to detoxify by themselves with the main organs (skin, liver, kidneys, gut, and lymph) working 24 hours a day to keep us protected and healthy. The problem arises when the toxins we are exposed to are more than our body can handle and lead to the 16 signs as a warning - it’s time to detox.





We face a host of toxins everyday of our lives, from chemicals in our food, cleaning products and cosmetics to environmental pollutants from air pollution and tobacco smoke. It is, therefore, important to identify these toxins and try to reduce our exposure; by choosing organic and clean products to surround ourselves with.

Here are some ways to reduce your toxic load:


The 10 Day Detox Kit is comprised of 4 essential supplements: Detox, Superantioxidants, Phytonutirents + MSM and Essential Fatty Acid + B Complex. When detoxing, it’s important to have enough of these nutrients to ensure our organs have the necessary tools to cleanse our bodies.


A powerful formula, designed to support the detoxification of the whole body.
These capsules support the body through different cellular mechanisms; namely, enhancing digestion, repairing the gut, cleansing the colon, supporting liver and kidney function and metabolising sugar and carbohydrates.


A formulation that enhances skin health and supports the nervous system, promoting optimal function.
Plant based Essential Fatty Acids from Linseed and Evening Primrose improve skin health, tackling conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea.


A herbal concoction of super greens, herbs and fruit extracts that boost immune health and improve digestion.
These capsules are packed with 3 different immune boosting mushrooms - Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake. These mushrooms all help the immune system, by maintaining healthy blood pressure and circulation.


A powerhouse of antioxidants that neutralise free radicals and delay cellular damage, to reduce inflammation and enhance immunity.
Not only that, but the Superantioxidants are especially good at supporting detoxing and weight loss as they bind toxins released by the detoxification process.


What to Expect

DAY 1-3 You may feel tired, especially if you have decided to stop caffeine all together. This is the optimal time to rest, so go to bed early and try to relax as much as possible. You may also get slight headaches, which is also normal. Your skin may also breakout, as your body begins to rid itself of toxins, but this will disappear over the coming days.

DAY 4-7 You will start to feel more energy and a clearer mind. Along with this, your skin will start to clear, you will feel a lot calmer and sleep well. Please note that every detox can be different from person to person.

DAY 8-10 Towards the end of the course, you should feel great. A clearer mind and improved digestion will make you feel lighter and rejuvenated. You should also feel more energetic and motivated to continue your toxin-free journey! Remember to continue with healthy habits, to ensure prolonged benefits.


Breakfast - Blueberry Muffin

200g finely ground almonds
1⁄2 Tsp baking soda
A pinch of sea salt
1 Tsp blueberry powder (optional)
1 Tsp sea buckthorn powder (optional)
1 Tsp of lingonberry powder (optional)
2 Tsp ground flax seeds
3 Eggs
2 Tbsp coconut oil
4 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp vanilla essence 1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Cup fresh blueberries

Preheat oven to 170°c and grease muffin tin with coconut oil. Combine all the dry ingredients and separately, all the wet ingredients. Stir wet ingredients into dry ingredients and fold in blueberries. Fill muffin cups and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown - cool on a wire rack and then enjoy!

Lunch - Chicken Soup (Serves 4)

1 Fennel bulb (chopped)
1 Thyme sprig
1 Leek (chopped)
3 Cups of chicken stock
1⁄2 A lemon’s juice
1⁄4 Cup of broccoli florets

Place the fennel bulb, sprig of thyme, lemon juice, leek and broccoli in a large saucepan and pour in 750ml chicken stock. Bring to a boil and leave to simmer for one hour.

Dinner - Roasted Cauliflower (Serves 2)

200g cooked spelt (90g uncooked)
150g cauliflower (roasted)
150g brussel sprouts (finely sliced)
2-3 Tbsp miso lime dressing
2-3 Tbsp pomegranate seeds
Sea salt, freshly ground black pepper
For miso lime dressing
50ml vegetable oil
50ml rice wine vinegar 
3 Tbsp miso paste
1 Tbsp lime juice

Divide the spelt, cauliflower and brussels sprouts evenly between 2 bowls. Drizzle with the dressing and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. Season.

For the dressing: whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl until they are well combined, and the miso has dissolved.


Ms. Marie Backes

I have always suffered from irregular periods and severe premenstrual symptoms, causing me to get really bloated and emotional before, during and after my period. I was recommended a Detox by The Organic Pharmacy’s Homeopath after discussing my symptoms with her. I’m a big fan of their skincare products and the results they’ve had on my skin, so I decided to give it a try. I restrained from sugar but could not completely cut out coffee. My Homeopath recommended that I should just reduce my intake, so I had one cup a day instead of three. I was eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and I started to drink green tea and plenty of water. I didn’t like the taste of the Liver and Kidney drops so I had them with juice instead, making it unnoticeable. I also had a little wine throughout the Detox which was great as it didn’t feel like a usual strict Detox.

RESULTS: From the beginning, I started to feel lighter and more energetic. My Homeopath also gave me a homeopathic remedy to regulate my monthly period. I hadn’t had a period in 4 months, and I got it the very next day after taking the remedy. I never imagined that homeopathy could work that quickly. I was advised to wait for 2 months and observe my cycle and my symptoms. I now don’t feel as bloated, and my period has been regular for the past 5 months. I was totally in love with The Organic Pharmacy’s Skincare range and now I am in love with their health products and supplements. The Organic Pharmacy has become my one stop destination for all my concerns, be it health or beauty.

"I now don’t feel as bloated, and my period has been regular for the past 5 months.”

Mr. Patrick Wiles

“I have really never felt better or healthier.”

Like everyone, for me, Christmas is usually a time of indulgence, happiness, and rest. But two years ago, I found myself constantly suffering with a severe burning sensation in my chest that was so intense I wasn’t even able to lie down, sleep or eat properly; putting a complete stop to the festive celebrations. After having my health ruin my Christmas, I’d reached the end of my tether and couldn’t face any more exhaustion, discomfort, and upset so I went to the hospital. After several examinations, I was finally diagnosed with GERD (Gastric Reflux Disease), with possible ulcer complications and I was prescribed with the scary sounding antacids and proton pump inhibitors. On my journey home, I was looking around The Organic Pharmacy shop where I noticed the Detox Capsules and I was intrigued by the ingredients that claimed to repair the gut such as: Aloe, Glutamine and Slippery Elm. Considering my condition and the strength of drugs I was prescribed, I did not have high expectations, but considering I had nothing to lose I gave it a go by religiously taking six capsules a day for ten days.

RESULTS: After two days, I was surprised to find that I was feeling so much better; I was actually able to sleep through the night without any pain. After 10 days I was totally recovered without any symptoms whatsoever. No heartburn, no regurgitation and no trouble swallowing. Since then, I am absolutely delighted to say I have not had any recurrences of Gastric Reflux and I wholeheartedly believe that my stomach wall completely repaired itself without any conventional drug intervention. Since then (now having complete faith in their supplements), I have taken The Organic Pharmacy’s other supplements to improve my health. I now take Daily Phytonutrients and Essential Fatty Acids and find that I have really never felt better or healthier. This Christmas is going to be a brilliant one.

“I wholeheartedly believe that my stomach wall completely repaired itself without any conventional drug intervention."

Ms. Gemma Gellard

“I am less stressed and feel a real sense of clarity.”

I started The Organic Pharmacy Detox at the beginning of May when my body was somewhat in need of a spring clean. I live an extremely busy and demanding lifestyle, working long hours and like many people in my position, I smoked. I was extremely stressed and anxious due to work and as a consequence it was starting to show on the outside – I was suffering noticeable hair loss which was really getting me down and severely affecting my confidence. I was also suffering from constant headaches, neck and muscular pain and a lack of concentration and appetite. I was not in a good way! I knew I needed to do something as I felt totally out of control, but because I don’t have the time or energy to follow a ridiculous crash diet or book myself into a health spa, I thought I’d give The Organic Pharmacy Detox a try after hearing some positive things from a friend. After assessing my problems with my Homeopath, I was all set for my 10-day Detox. The fact that really all I had to do was make sure I took my supplements morning and evening and eat well, rather than trying to exist solely on lemon water was a welcome surprise. I simply reduced my meat and dairy intake and increased my fruit and vegetable consumption, which was surprisingly easy as everywhere caters for these options.

RESULTS: I cannot believe the turnaround my body and mind have gone through in only 10 days. My hair is shedding noticeably less, and my headaches have improved, becoming far less frequent and intense, allowing me to concentrate better at work. My appetite is finally back, and I can really notice the difference in my energy levels. Most amazingly for me, I have also been able to quit smoking, which I never thought possible – especially in only 10 days. It just goes to show your body, health and mind can really change overnight.

"Most amazingly for me, I have also been able to quit smoking, which I never thought possible – especially in only 10 days."