Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years

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As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we here at the Organic Pharmacy have renewed our passion for clean beauty, health and wellness. Over 20 years we have promised to heal and better people’s lives using clean and organic ingredients in our products and treatments. Read about our newest launches in our Autumn/Winter Newsletter and celebrate a further 20 years with us!


We understand the science behind beautiful, healthy skin. We have put our skincare know-how into action to bring you a range of cruelty-free skin loving cosmetics; incorporating the most potent extracts and ingredients to give you unparalleled natural confidence. Say hello to the new additions to our Make-up range, launching on Monday 24th October!

New Lifting Effect Brow Gel

Tired of crispy, flaky brow gels? We are too, which is why we’ve developed a conditioning, sculpting alternative with eyebrow-raisingly impressive results. The transparent gel glides on like a dream, smoothing and tidying hairs for a polished look that lasts.

New Tinted Beauty Glow

Light as air coverage. Our Tinted Beauty Glow - available in three shades – are naturally featherlight in consistency, feeling like a second skin. Light- reflecting pearlescent pigments capture the light, making your skin dewy and radiant, giving you a healthy glow.

Available in three shades: Natural, Rose and Bronze

Skin Perfecting Highlighter - Rose

Our new Rose highlighter will give you that glazed look - your complexion will look beautiful and lustrous.
Our jelly consistency contains moisturising extracts and light-reflecting pearl pigments creates a natural glaze, giving you the ultimate ‘lit-from-within’ complexion.

New treatments are on the horizon! Our Newest HCC7 Microneedling Facial combines the intensive hydration and glow-boosting power of our Advanced Firming HCC7 Ampoules and Micropen technology. The results are lifted, firmer and wrinkle-free skin!

NEW Advanced Mesotherapy Facial

A highly effective treatment focused on reducing ageing skin and acne scarring. By causing controlled micro-injuries we can stimulate the body’s natural wound healing process. Triggering the release of cytokines and growth factors that stimulates the skin to naturally generate and repair itself. Leading to the remodelling of collagen and elastin.

NEW Advanced Firming HCC7 Ampoules

This highly concentrated blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Bio-Marine Collagen and Stabilised Vitamin C restores the skin’s moisture barrier while providing intense hydration and firming results after just 7 days.

As Christmas time approaches, find the perfect gift for your loved ones in our Christmas Gift Guide. From skincare to homeopathy, our range of kits will provide you with a 360 way of treating your skin and your body, whatever your needs.

Jasmine Mist

Regenerate and oxygenate your skin while you sleep with this powerful organic formula that will transform your skin and leave you with a vibrant, glowing complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Unique organic triple molecular weight 0.2%. Hyaluronic Acid for powerful results. Light, easily absorbed formula that thirsty skin drinks in fast to lock in moisture.

Volumizing Gloss: Sparkle

Instantly hydrate and plump lips with this super-conditioning balm gloss.

Eco Exfoliating Rose Diamond Cleanser

A creamy cleanser and daily skin peel in one, revealing a cleaner brighter, and more luminous skin.

Retinol Corrective Mask

Our incredible night treatment corrects and repairs, reversing the days damage, for a beautifully smooth, clear and radiant complexion.

We have teamed up with celebrity fitness trainer and nutrition expert, RUBEN TABARES, to help you supercharge your workout performance and prolong its results. Together, we’ve handpicked the most nutritious and powerful herbs and ingredients to formulate two high-performance supplements, delivering optimal nutritional support for a healthy lifestyle.


Go the distance without worrying about tiredness and inflammation with this powerful complex, engineered with some of nature’s most antioxidant-rich ingredients. Fibre-packed Dragon Fruit supports optimal gut health and metabolism, while AçaÌ and Maqui berries reduce bodily fatigue for all-round workout excellence.


Boost energy levels, enhance aerobic endurance and aid muscle repair and growth with this potent complex of herbs, vitamins and proteins. Natural actives such as Beetroot, Chlorella and Holy Basil increase muscular blood flow, deliver essential amino acids and defend against fatigue, allowing you to focus on maximising your workout potential.

We’re incredibly proud to partner with a selection of exclusive spas all over the world to offer you our signature treatments and high-performance formulations as part of a holistic, relaxing and transformative experience.


Take a break from urban life without ever leaving the city by checking into this luxury spa, tucked away on London’s renowned Park Lane. Here’s where you can indulge in an exclusive The Organic Pharmacy treatment, City Detox: an all-inclusive wellness journey tailored to your personal relaxation needs.


Treat yourself to our signature trio of Rose Diamond Facial, Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial and Green Coffee Body Sculpting at this show-stopping resort in the breathtaking Balearic. Co-founded by Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro, you’ll spend your post-spa haze spotting celebrities by the sparkling pool.


Nestled in the rolling fields and orchards of the west country, this Georgian gem is an exquisite retreat into the English countryside. At its exclusive spa, you can enjoy seven of our restorative treatments, including our signature Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial. This indulgent service includes two facial massages to drain, firm and balance, using two of our luxurious face masks along with Antioxidant Face Serum to deliver restored, glowing skin.


A stay at this exquisite hotel in the lush rainforest of Sentosa Island will transport you to Planet Relaxation. Looking to the phases of the moon for therapeutic guidance, Auriga presents a unique holistic experience, where you can savour four of our signature facials.


Immerse yourself in the rugged rural landscape of Killarney, where this award-winning spa offers an escape from all responsibility. Among their sampling of indulgent services are five of The Organic Pharmacy’s rejuvenating facials–the only place to enjoy our spa treatments in Ireland.


We are delighted to work with the Six Senses group, where you can now enjoy a menu of The Organic Pharmacy treatments in stunning locales across Europe, Maldives, Israel, Singapore and Seychelles. It’s hard to name our favourite destination but here are two of our spotlights.


Boasting a breathtaking panoramic vista across lush vineyards and the beautiful waters of the River Douro, this majestic 19th century manor offers a wellness programme rooted in Portuguese traditions. We’re proud to provide five of our facial and body services at this exclusive location, including our Green Coffee Body Sculpting treatment.


Take your wellness journey to new altitudes at this prestigious jewel in the crown of the French Alps. You can experience ten of our luxurious, restorative treatments - including one exclusively designed for this alpine resort, our Arnica and Ginger Hot Oil Massage, to soothe aching muscles after a day on the slopes.