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Glonoine Complex 6c

Safe, effective and gentle relief from migraines.
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Headaches are notoriously difficult to treat specially migraines but using a homeopathic combination called Glonoine Complex it's easier than you think. In this mixture we combined the top homeopathic remedies ; Belladonna for pulsating headaches, Glonoine (feels like head will burst), Gelsemium (For heaviness and must lie down) along with several other important homeopathic remedies. The powerful combination of these homeopathic remedies treats the acute migrains and reduces their re-occurance. As they are completely safe they can be taken as often as needed and good for children and pregnant women too where options are very limited Homeopathy is a safe, effective and gentle form of medicine. Here we have several combinations each traditionally used to help various conditions. Our homeopaths are available for advice over the counter as well as in the privacy of an in-depth consultation. For advice on specific ailments please email us.


Suck 1 pill 1 to 3 times daily as required Homeopathic remedies come in dilute or drop form. In either case the medication should be placed on the tongue at least 15 minutes away from food and drink.

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