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Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF25

The Organic Pharmacy’s Sun Care Range – sun protection factor number 25 to promote safe, golden tanning. Protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Keeps skin nourished and hydrated. Repairs and regenerates.
Price: £39.00
Size: 100 ml
CURRENTLY SOLD OUT and will be available from 00.

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Key Ingredients


The Organic Pharmacy's Sun Creams use three novel ingredients to promote safe, golden tanning. Zinc Clear. Developed in Australia, finely micronised zinc which sits on top of the skin offering protection but without any whitening. Pongamia is extracted from the Karanja Tree in India and acts in four ways: Contains UV absorbing properties. Boosts UV action of Zinc. Broadens UV spectrum. Conditions and protects skin. Pearl Extract contains protein complexes, amino acids and polysaccharides which: Synergistically enhance skin moisture and UV protection. Promote growth of new skin cells. Maintain skin tone and anti-ageing. Red, White and Green Tea: Protects skin cells and DNA from solar radiation. Shea Butter and Rose Hip: Hydrate and nourish skin.

Apply liberally before sunbathing, reapply after swimming.

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