Here at The Organic Pharmacy, our natural health remedies book has been written to teach anyone the basics of organic health and beauty. We have your one-stop, definitive guide on over 30 conditions to help you bring out your healthiest, most beautiful self.


This Organic Pharmacy book contains everything you'll need to know about natural remedies and treatments to help you optimise your body and feel your very best. Whether you use it as a starting point to understand your body better, or a reference guide to help you lead a healthier life each day, this book will help you figure out which health supplements, tinctures, herbal creams, and homeopathic remedies are right for you.


Our co-founder Margo Marrone has compiled her very best advice to help you put together a personalised treatment plan, working together with the healing power of your body, to achieve a healthier, more beautiful you.


You might also be interested in our range of spa treatments. We have full body assessments that can highlight your areas of concern and suggest natural health products to treat it. Just take a look at our health and body treatments to find out more.


We have over two decades of knowledge in natural health and cosmetics, and we’re always on the hunt for innovative new treatments and natural products. Shop for our The Organic Pharmacy book today and you'll get free UK delivery as standard.

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