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Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Gentle liquid eyeliner with intense blackout colour and special applicator to precisely create desired thickness without catching the delicate eye skin
Price: £19.00
Size: 4ml
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Gentle liquid liner with intense colour and special applicator to create thin or thick lines. Infused with blue cornflower extract for added comfort.

For a basic look, start from the inner corner of the eye, use a long stroke as close as possible to the lash line and finish at the end of the eye. Avoid gap at the lash line. Varying the pressure will determine the thickness of the line For a easy winged eyeliner look, draw a dot where the line should end and draw towards it from the eyelid For a more dramatic look, use the Liquid Eyeliner on the lower lid as well as the upper lid Complete with Volumising Mascara Keep eye contour bright, youthful and tight with our Lifting Eye Gel

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