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Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Face Wash

A gentle antibacterial face wash suitable for men, women and young skin to help keep blemishes at bay and skin clean and clear.
Price: £35.00
Size: 100ml
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Written Mon, Dec 21, 2015
By Sara Townley from Swadlincote
Leaves skin sooo soft
This really is the best facial wash I have ever used, it leaves your skin so soft and clean. My daughter also uses this product, her skin reacts to all other facial washes we have ever bought (she is fifteen) but not this one. If you are hesitating buying this product, jump in, you won't be disappointed
Written Tue, Jul 15, 2014
By Angie Tomas from London
Very gentle, not at all harsh or abrasive. Doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry. Also doesn't lather much but still cleanses quite well. I use this with the Clarisonic Mia for a deeper cleanse and prefer it to the last couple face washes I've used.
Written Thu, Jan 10, 2013
By Phillip Stanton from London
Cleanses and refreshes without drying. Really lovely smell and a little goes a long way.
Written Wed, Aug 22, 2012
By anonymous
best face wash for clearer skin
It feels like I have tried every organic and natural face wash out there, leaping from one to another. But I have stayed with this one, I have used this consistently for about 1.5 years because it works and is the best. With this face wash (and organic balanced diet, healthy happy lifestyle and homeopathic treatment for my hormonal imbalance) my once blemish prone and oily skin is balanced and clear. Result!! Yay! I love it!! I love using it everyday. It is great value for money because you only need a few drops and the consistency means it lasts me for about 3 months. Thank you Organic Pharmacy for helping me feel my best! x


A gentle antiseptic and anti-bacterial wash that cleanses without drying the skin, Eucalyptus and Peppermint purify while Lavender and Tea Tree are antiseptics. The result is a clear, fresh and blemish free complexion.


In the morning splash face with water, put a small amount of face wash in the palm of your hand. Add water, lather and massage over face keeping out of eyes. Remove the wash with your muslin cloth. Follow with suitable Organic Pharmacy toner, moisturiser, serum and gel. At night use Carrot Butter Cleanser (Carrot Butter balances oil production and therefore actually reduces oiliness in oily skin)

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