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Oil is the best cleanser for oily skin. As soon as Carrot Butter Melts in your hand it liquefies and massaged on oily skin it removes all the dirt and grime mixed with the oil. When you remove it with your muslin soaked in hand hot water, all the oil is removed leaving the skin radiant and will help prevent black heads.
Rather than fitting your life around the detox, its better to fit the detox around your life. A detox is such a beneficial treatment that putting it off is not good. Our detox at home programme is so easy to follow with minimal disruption to your social life. You will need to make some changes but these are generally to do with eating better and taking care of yourself. Download our Detox instructions for full details.
Wash it every other day along with the rest of your laundry.
Bloating is very common in both men and women but much more common in women. It can have many causes at the root; poor digestion, toxicity, imbalanced gut bacteria, eating too quickly all resulting in excess gas. Begin by chewing you food really well and eating more slowly. The homeopathic mixture of Carbo Veg, Nux Vomica and Lycopodium help to relieve the symptoms of bloating. A detox will help a lot not only by absorbing the gas but also by reducing the toxicity in the gut. A daily abdominal massage is also excellent. Try massaging with our Resculpting Body gel for a dual action treatment.
Hair loss in both men and women can be temporary or permanent. For temporary hair loss there are many underlying causes such as stress, hair styling (pony tails, weaves etc), harsh chemicals, lack of nutrients, hormonal changes and scalp infections can all contribute. Start with a really good nutrient rich in amino acids, the building blocks of keratin. The herb horsetail is rich in silica another important building block of hair. Phytonutrients contain both horsetail and super green foods containing all the amino acids needed. Rosemary and Arnica are both known to promote circulation and strengthen hair follicles. Massage our Hair Serum every night onto the scalp and wash off in the morning with a gentle shampoo such as Jasmine High Gloss Shampoo. The herb Saw Palmetto is very useful in androgenic male pattern baldness.
Clinical studies at the University of Santiago in Chile show that Rose Hip Oil when used twice a day on all scars even old ones can reduce scars and heal the skin within 4 months. Our Virgin Rose Hip Oil is cold pressed and organic and comes straight from Chile. These should be taken with Our homeopathic mixture for Scar tissue Silica, Thios, Graphites, Self Heal 6c should also be taken twice a day along with Skin Radiance Capsules which contain glucosamine and goji extract to help increase the production of Hyaluronic acid in the skin helping it repair.
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