Combination Skin

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Discover expertly formulated skincare for combination skin at The Organic Pharmacy. Caring for skin that’s prone to dryness in some areas yet oily in others can be tricky. Our versatile products actively target and treat different skin concerns at the same time, controlling oil production where needed while also hydrating and nourishing dry or rough patches. Skin is left hydrated, balanced, and radiant. 


Our extensive range of combination skincare includes cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturisers — for best results, we recommend using these products as part of a four-step daily routine. 


Here at The Organic Pharmacy, we believe that the best way to look after combination skin is by choosing natural ingredients. That's why we've developed the products in this range using pharmaceutical- and cosmetic-grade botanicals. Many of the ingredients in our products are also organic and sustainably sourced where possible. 


As with all of our expert skincare, our combination skincare products are cruelty-free, and we never test on animals. We also follow fair trade practices and our products are reef-safe, too. So, you can be confident that any you buy are good for the planet, as well as your skin. 


The Organic Pharmacy was one of the first beauty brands in the UK to focus on all things organic, and we’ve been formulating effective skincare in our West London lab for two decades. So, if you’re looking for products for combination skin, look no further than this range. Plus, free UK delivery is included as standard with every order.