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St John’s Wort, Marigold & Propolis Spray

A first aid disinfecting spray combining anti viral and analgesic St Johns Wort, Healing and disinfecting Marigold and anti bacterial Propolis. Use it topically on small cuts and sores or diluted as a healing mouth wash.
Price: £12.00
Size: 50 ml
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Key Ingredients

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An essential antiseptic and disinfecting spray useful for all types of cuts and abrasions. In labour it is useful to aid repair of the perineum post birth and C-Sections. It is also excellent as a throat spray and disinfecting mouth wash.

For small cuts spray directly onto cut (will sting). For larger cuts dilute in boiled and cooled water or sterile water and apply to cut or perineum three times a day with a sterile gauze. As a gargle or mouth wash dilute in a little water and use 3 times a day. For throats, spray directly to the back of the throat.

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