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Hayfever Relief Kit

All you need kit to keep seasonal allergies at bay.
Price: £45.00
Size: One
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All the ingredients used in this product


Hayfever Relief Kit includes: Sneeze-away Tincture - a soothing combination of Chamomile, Elderberry and Nettles, Hayfever Pills - a natural homeopathic combination treatment, Euphrasia, Allium Cepa, Nat Mur, Arsen Alb and Histamine work together to combat Hayfever and ease the irritating symptoms such as itchy eyes, nose and throat, streaming eyes, running nose and sneezing fits. Quercetin & Vitamin C Complex - a hi-tech formulated complex pill which greatly reduces the symptoms of hayfever. Mixed Pollens & Grasses Pills - This chemical-free formula desensitises pollen and grass allergies during the worst months, giving Hayfever sufferers a chance to have a carefree spring and summer.

Use as per instructions enclosed.

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