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Glow All Day

She exudes a much coveted ‘lit from within’ radiance
Price: £125.00
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Glow All Day includes


Moisturising Tinted Beauty Cream: Using your fingers, apply beauty cream from the centre of the face working outward toward the ears and jawline. Hydrating Bronzer: Using a powder brush, add a touch of ‘sun’ by gently applying bronzer to natural high-points: temples, forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks and jawline. These are the points most likely to be tanned naturally. Blend into the entire complexion for an even finish. Skin Perfecting Highlighter: Draw an inverted ‘C’ starting from just above the brow, following the outside corner of your eye, over the top of the cheek bone to midway along the cheek. Then blend into the complexion. Don’t forget both the brow bone and cupids bow for extra ‘Light’ Volumizing Mascara: Wiggle & Tip –that’s the rule! Wiggle the brush at the base of the lash before pulling through to create volume, then touch-up the tips for separation.

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