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Gene Expression Serum

Inspired by the science of how our genes can affect our ageing made possible by advances in gene mapping and how we can protect our cells by using and taking the right ingredients.

Gene Expression Lifting Serum is the culmination of years of research and the latest innovation in a serum that helps dramatically improve the appearance of the seven signs of ageing.
Price: £195.00
Size: 40ml
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Key Ingredients


10 Actives - 7 Actions


Stem Cell – Protect skin from the effects of UV ageing


Cosmeceutical - Pigmentation/Wrinkles

Vegetable Peptide

Gene cosmeceutical - Firmness


Growth Factor - Skin Texture / Elasticity


GAG - Remodelling

Sodium Hylauronate

Algae Cosmeceutical - Plumping

Sea Algae

Marine Active - Hydration

Apply twice a day morning and night after moisturising.

The Proof

Clinical studies were carried out by an independent institute specialising in dermal 3D imaging and the results proved that it works.

After 2 weeks:

92% agree skin looks more radiant

86% agree dark spots are diminished

88% agree skin is plumper and smoother

82% agree fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished

100% would buy and recommend to a friend

85% agree skin appears more elastic

Before and After images

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