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Calendula, Hypericum & Propolis Cream

A first aid disinfecting cream combining anti viral and analgesic St Johns Wort, healing and disinfecting Marigold and anti bacterial Propolis.
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Size: 60 ml
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Key Ingredients

Written Wed, Sep 28, 2011
By anonymous
Works well on insect bites. Thank you!
I always get bitten and have a reaction when other people around me seem untouched. This cream alleviates the itching. After application, I restrain myself from scratching or touching the bite and the cream gradually calms the site. I will try the other creams like the arnica or the chickweed ones for comparison.


A must have first aid cream no household should be without. Antiseptic Propolis, Marigold and St Johns wort not only disinfect but also have superb healing properties. All three are well known for their cellular regenerating properties.

Apply as often as needed.

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