We asked the trainer of Champions Ruben Tabares (follow Ruben @rubentabareswellness)
for his advice on the best routine at home.

Water, Nutrition, Exercise and Happiness are key for maintaining a healthy immune system which can protect you from foreign invaders. So make sure to increase your daily intake of sunlight, 15 minutes a
day is sufficient, along side plenty of fruit and vegetables, water, exercise, healthy fats that help to boost immunity and general health.


Monday – Strength
Tuesday – Stretching, Flexibility, Yoga
Wednesday – High Intensity
Thursday – Cardio
Friday – Strength
Saturday – Cardio
Rest – Active Recovery (Walking)


Warm up/Dynamic Stretching

Squat – 10kgs 3x 8 – Bodyweight 3 x 20
Tiger Push Ups – 3 x 8
Clock Lunges L&R – 3 x 5
Elbow Ups - 3 x 15
Dead Lift - 10kgs 3 x 8 - Bodyweight 3 x 20
Core - Reverse Crunches - 3 x 20

High Intensity

30 seconds
Squat Jumps
Walk Out/Press Ups
Split Jump
High Knees


Fast paced Walking

Post workout recovery

Studies show Vitamin C supplementation helps reduce post work out inflammation- take 1000mg twice a day to boost immunity and energy and reduce inflammation.

Studies show EFAs boost energy and performance in athletes whilst reducing inflammatory pathways.

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