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Green Coffee Body Treatment - as seen in GMTV

A duo massage treatment incorporating massage techniques designed to reduce bloating and stimulate the flow of lymph and micro circulation, fat burning coffee...

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Welcome to The Organic Pharmacy blog!

It has been a busy few weeks putting the final touches to our new website. I really hope you like the new look. One of the things about being a health as well as a beauty brand is that I get to work on some amazing products...

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Homeopathy and Eye Injuries

One of my passions in life is painting- yes painting in oils, water colours and pencil which means that my office at home is cluttered with paints, canvases and paint brushes. It was one of these brushes that managed to lodge itself in my eye as I bent down to pick something form the floor. After the initial shock...

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Body Treatments Body Treatments

Organic carefully blended essential oils, cold pressed nutrient rich plant oils, therapeutic scrubs and our therapists incredible hands make a potent combination for body treatments. Whether a pedicure, deep relaxing massage our super slimming Green Coffee Treatment , our body treatments will leave you revitalised.


NEW Body Contouring and Inch Loss Treatment
Exclusive to The Organic Pharmacy, Lipoderm uses the latest in Radio Frequency and Ultrasound technology.

This ground breaking technology in conjunction with our highly active organic extracts give remarkable results.

Radio Frequency is the latest and most effective non-surgical body sculpting treatment. This cutting edge technology and equipment safely delivers controlled amounts of wavelengths of electro- magnetic energy to the lower layers of the dermis that contain collagen and fats.

When Radio Frequency meets collagen resulting resistance and heat caused the collagen to contract and tighten. The heat also stimulates the production and growth of new collagen fibres, making this ideal for areas of loose sagging skin on the face and body that require tightening.

Ultrasound energy targets areas of fat, resulting in breakdown of pockets of fat to be renewed naturally by the bodily lymphatic and circulatory system. Ideal to treat cellulite and stubborn fat in arms, legs, stomach, buttocks and thighs.

A course of 8 treatments are recommended but results are visible from the first treatment.

Massages with Collagen RF
Our massages are always tailored to your needs. The touch of an experienced therapist can bring about deep relief from tension, stress, pain and aches. Choose from one of our massage treatments and add Radio Frequency to firm and tone.

30mins massage 30 mins Collagen RF
60 min. £150

60mins body massage & 30 mins Collagen RF
90 min. £170

90mins body massage & 30 mins Collagen RF
120 min. £190

Lipoderm &Inch loss Radio Frequency
Thighs (front & back)
Course of 8 £1000

Course of 8 £900

Course of 8 £900

Upper arms (front & back)
Course of 8 £800

Individual treatment for all areas £195
Green Coffee Body Sculpting
A duo massage treatment incorporating massage techniques designed to reduce bloating and stimulate the flow of lymph and micro circulation, Fat burning coffee and thermogenic (heat stimulating) chilli to target problem areas such as thighs, waist, tummy and bottom.

The treatment uses a salon strength body oil as the first massage which heats the body. Heating the body helps increase the fat burning effects of the other ingredients and helps stimulate blood flow which helps improve oxygenation of the skin. Result flatter tummy, smoother skin, reduced puffiness.

The second massage used our latest salon strength body sculpting gel which incorporates lipoytic agents and toning ingredients to continue the process but also contains cooling agents to cool the skin. The alternate heat /cool has an extra stimulating effect on the lymphatic system. It also contains a system on slow release.

60 mins £70 / $100

Book 5 treatments and receive the 6th free.
Manicures and Pedicures
Using our organic hand and nail treatments and polishes (including gel polishes) free from formaldehyde, toulene and phalates for healthy hands and feet. Gel nails give a 2-3 week maintenance free, chip free manicure and pedicure.

New Anti-ageing Hand and Nail treatment
The ultimate hand and nail treatment that combines ultrasonic and micro-current technology to deep exfoliate and aid penetration of active anti-ageing ingredients.

Includes shape, pushback cuticles, and an OG polish finish. The treatments leaves the skin looking instantly brighter, more youthful and rejuvenated.

40mins £60

Please note this treatment launches in all UK stores early May 2013

Organic Perfect Polish Manicure
Soak, push-back cuticles, shape and polish

22 min. £25

French finish

25 min. £30

Organic Deluxe Perfect Polish Manicure
Includes Nail Clinic. Hands are soaked and softened and exfoliated with our organic sugar and honey scrub infused with rose petals and therapeutic essential oils. A deep relaxing hand massage and nail treatment is followed by shape and non-toxic polish.

45min £45

Organic Deluxe Perfect Polish Pedicure
Includes Nail Clinic. Feet are soaked and softened and exfoliated with our organic sugar and honey scrub infused with rose petals and therapeutic essential oils. A deep relaxing foot massage and nail treatment is followed by shape and non-toxic polish.

60min £55

New Organic Perfect Polish Express Gel Manicure
Soak, push-back cuticles, shape and gel polish finish 40mins £39

Including gel polish removal 45 min. £39

French Finish 45 min. £43

French Finish (including removal) 50 min. £43

Please note this treatment launches in all UK stores early May 2013

New Organic Deluxe Perfect Polish Gel Manicure
Cuticle work, shape, gel polish finish and hand massage 55 min. £55

Including removal 60mins £55

Please note this treatment launches in all UK stores early May 2013

New Organic Deluxe Perfect Polish Gel Pedicure
Cuticle work, shape, gel polish finish, soak, scrub and foot massage 65 min. £65

Including gel polish removal 70 min. £65

Manicure and pedicure gel treatment prices that include removal applies for nails carried out by our therapists

Removal of gel polish

Hands/feet £8/ £10

Please note this treatment launches in all UK stores early May 2013
Body Massage
Our massages are always tailored to your needs. The touch of an experienced therapist can bring about deep relief from tension, stress, pain and aches. Choose from: Energising deep tissue, De-stressing relaxation or our Therapeutic detoxification.

90 mins £90 / $150

60 mins £70 / $110

30 mins £50 (only available in UK stores)
100% organic Aloe Vera blended with organic Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils are used after waxing to minimise irritation and calm the skin.

UK Stores:

Warm wax:
Bikini £18, Brazilian/ Hollywood £30, Under Arm £15, Half Leg £23, 3/4 leg £28, Full leg £35, Full leg and Bikini £45, Arm £26, Half Arm £18, Hand £12, Lip £12 Back/Chest £28 Eye Brow Shape £25 Eye Brow Tidy £15
Hot wax: Bikini £25, Brazilian/Hollywood £40

Tinting: Eyebrow £15, Eyelash £15, Eyebrow and Eyelash £25

*Strict policy on a 24 hour patch test on clients new to tinting with T.O.P

US Store:

Bikini $40, Under Arm $20, Half Arm $40, Full Arm $50, Full Leg $70, Full Leg & Bikini $85, Lower Leg $45, Upper Leg $50, Upper Leg & Bikini $65, Upper Lip $20, Chin $20, Chest $60, Back & Shoulders $85

Tinting: Eyebrow $30, Eyelash $35 Eyebrow Shape $20
Available in Kensington High Street and Great Marlborough Street stores only.

IP2L Treatments

Clinically proven, safe and effective laser treatments... Ellipse I2PL system is used for the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions, including the removal of unwanted hair, the treatment of sun-damaged skin, acne, and vascular and pigmented skin disorders. I2PL is the second, safe generation of Intense Pulsed Light systems and ensures that the light directed to the skin contains only the wavelengths that are required to perform the treatment.

Acne treatment
Acne occurs when one of the skin´s natural oils – sebum – is unable to leave the skin because the hair follicle is blocked. This may result in a blackhead, or a whitehead, and can lead to the growth of bacteria below the surface of the skin. Inflammation can occur, and the rupture of an inflamed area can lead to scarring. Our acne treatment gets straight to the root of the problem. This unique treatment uses specifically selected wavelengths and optimised pulse duration and shape. The light is absorbed by haemoglobin, the red pigment in the blood, which then heats the area producing a minor reaction to the sebaceous glands. This slows down the overall production of oil that leads to acne, thus dramatically reducing the chance of spots and minimising the appearance of pores in general.

Vascular lesions
To treat lesions from various types: small telangiectasias (sometimes called spider veins or broken veins) and large Port Wine Stains. Some lesions are present from birth, while others develop with age, or as the result of environmental damage (such as sun exposure). The well-controlled pulses of light are absorbed by one of the body's own natural chemicals - haemoglobin - contained in the red blood cells. Haemoglobin converts the light energy into heat. This heat is transferred to the wall of the blood vessels, which are permanently damaged and removed by the body´s own defence mechanism. Best results are obtained on clients who have light to medium skin.

Sun spots
Benign pigmented lesions may be genetic in origin or may be caused by physical damage such as sunburn, injury, irritation or light therapy, as well as the natural effect of ageing. The lesions can vary in size and colour. It is always important to ensure that the lesion is not malignant before removing it. The treatment works by directing well-controlled pulses of light into the upper skin layer. The light is absorbed by one of the body's own natural chemicals - melanin - which is concentrated in the pigmented areas. Melanin converts the light energy it absorbs into heat. This heat is used to destroy the parts of the cells in which the melanin is stored.

Skin Rejuvenation
To treat diffuse redness and pigmented disorders such as freckles or age-spots caused by sun-damage and also improve the skin texture on the face, neck, chest and hands. The treatment works by directing well-controlled pulses of light into the upper skin layer without damaging surrounding tissues. The light is absorbed by two of the body's own natural chemicals - melanin in the pigmented areas and haemoglobin in the red blood. Both these pigments convert the light energy into heat. This heat is used to destroy the parts of the cells in which the melanin is stored, and to damage the walls of the vessels supplying blood to the areas where vascular damage is seen.

Hair Removal
For clinically-proven, safe and effective long-term removal of unwanted hair from any part of the body. To achieve long lasting or permanent hair reduction, it is necessary to destroy the hair follicle from which individual hairs grow. The treatment works by targeting the melanin (pigment) in the hair with the light from the system, and upon absorption the light is converted into heat. This intense heat action breaks down the hair follicle, reducing the opportunity for any re-growth and also changing the entire structure of the follicle itself; overtime altering the density and appearance of the hair until it becomes unnoticeable.
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Organic Skin Care

The Organic Pharmacy skin care range has been developed using highly active extracts in formulas that are effective, modern and therapeutic. Genuinely luxurious products that revitalise and bring the skin back into harmony with high levels of bioactive nutrients that are easily recognised and absorbed result in skin that becomes alive and glowing. Our skin care products include cleanse, hydrate, repair, moisturize, anti-ageing, masks and lip & eye.

Organic Body Care

Nourishing body creams, fragrant body oils and luxurious rich balms with therapeutic essential oils, exotic waxes and plant extracts leave the skin wonderfully soft and smooth. Our organic body care products include moisturizing body lotions, firming body cream, ultra dry skin cream, deodorant spray, body and massage oils, resculpting body gel, hand cream, hand and nail balm, nail oil and foot cream.

Organic Bath

Nourishing bath oils with 20% essential oil, bath milks that delicately cleanse and scent, bath salts that detoxify and purify, shower gels that drench your body with their scent or gorgeous sugar scrubs that regenerate. Our organic bath products include bath oils, shower gels, body scrubs and bath soaks.

Organic Hair Care

The Organic Pharmacy hair care range has been developed using herbal complexes to strengthen, lift and revitalise dull hair. Shine, softness and vitality are restored leaving the hair nourished, hydrated and incredibly vibrant. Our organic hair care products include jasmine and rose shampoos and conditioners, hair and scalp oil, dandruff control shampoo and conditioner and hair serum.

Organic Sun Care

Our luxurious sun care range contains no aluminium and artificial SPFs, is rich in antioxidants and nourishing and hydrating oils to protect and repair the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin as well as babies and children. Our organic sun care products include Cellular Protection Sun Creams, (SPF18, SPF25, SPF30, SPF50), After Sun, Self Tan and Tan Accelerator.

Organic Baby Care

Our mother and baby products were formulated to be 100% pure, organic, gentle and above all effective. Most baby products are full of chemicals and toxins that are easily absorbed through the delicate baby skin. Our baby care nourishes and cares for delicate skin giving your baby the best start in life. Our baby care products include nappy balm, apricot and chamomile body lotion and body wash, lavender and chamomile milk bath, apricot and chamomile shampoo and conditioner, massage oil, strawberry probiotic powder, pregnancy and labour kit, stretch mark oil, pre and post natal nutrients, miracle nipple cream and bilberry complex cream.

Organic Health

Our core foundation in everything that we do works towards promoting your health and well-being. Whether it is internal treatment with homeopathy, herbs and nutrition, or topical treatment. Our herbal and homeopathic dispensary along with our team of homeopaths and pharmacists provide exceptional advise on the spot. Our health products include syrups and sprays, tinctures, specialty herbal creams and homeopathic remedies.

Organic Supplements

Truly exceptional supplements formulated using all our expertise and designed to meet the basic needs of modern life. Potency, efficacy, absorbability and purity were kept in mind during formulation. Organic extracts are used wherever possible to supply the body with nutrients it can recognise and absorb for optimum health. Our supplement products are include detox kit, immune system tonics, omega oil blend, superantioxidant capsules, skin radiance, menopause support capsules and calcium & magnesium complex

Organic Men

The Organic Pharmacy men care range includes shaving cream, deep cleansing face wash, ultra light moisture gel and moisture cream.

Organic Kits

The Organic Pharmacy kits are the perfect companion to keep at home or to take away during travel, long flights and ski trips containing the most commonly needed remedies and creams. The organic kits include first aid kit, in-flight kit, starter and travel kit, ski kit and pregnancy and labour kit.

Organic Candles

The Organic Pharmacy’s exquisite candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and are completely free from artificial fragrances and colours, petrochemicals and phthalates. The puristic design of each candle with its premium golden lid, thick and heavy glass and elegant logo, combined with our unique and capturing scents turn lighting up a candle into a new and luxurious experience. Whether for yourself, a loved one or your home, our candles make the perfect gift. Inspired by our coveted organic fragrance collection, the candles are available in two luxurious scents – Jasmine and Orange Blossom. The uplifting Jasmine scent blends the heady florals of Egyptian Jasmine and YlangYlang with an unexpected twist of Sicilian Bergamot and sensual Sandalwood. Orange Blossom captures the scents of Brazilian Tangerine, Green Mandarin and Sweet Orange with a blend of Moroccan Orange Blossom and a lingering hint of Rosewood.

Organic Gifts

The Organic Pharmacy’s luxurious health and beauty gifts can be tailored to the customer’s unique and individual ideas and are a loving and thoughtful gift whether it is for beautifully healthy skin and body or for a health and well-being. The Organic Pharmacy’s gift range includes anti-ageing gift, spa gift, baby care gift set, party girl gift, skin essentials gift, body beautiful gift, mens grooming gift, teen skin gift set.

Organic Make Up

The Organic Pharmacy’s make up – Organic Glam – is designed to enhance your natural beauty with a good dose of natural glamour. Shimmering highlighters, glossy lipsticks, luminous foundations and dazzling eye shadows are just some of the unique products available. Mineral colours are combined with antioxidants and herbal actives to create a radiant, flawless complexion that looks and feels natural. Free from artificial preservatives and fragrances, Organic Glam combines the finest ingredients for a super natural look or for ultra glamorous drama.

Organic Glamour Food

The Organic Pharmacy’s delicious and guilt free chocolate is full of nutrients to help keep you beautiful and healthy. Our hand made raw chocolate uses unheated, unprocessed organic Cacao which preserves all the nutrients present in Cacao ensuring a chocolate with maximum potency. In addition to this we add carefully selected superberries such as goji, acai berries, blueberries, cranberries and coconut oil.