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Our core foundation in everything that we do works towards promoting your health and wellbeing. Whether it is an internal treatment with homeopathy, herbs and nutrition, or topical treatment, or make-up, the aim is always the same - your health and wellbeing. Our herbal and homeopathic dispensary along with our team of homeopaths and pharmacists means exceptional advice.
Factsheet below will give you instant access to some of our remedies.

organic   new spring/summer newsletter
NEW Spring/Summer Newsletter
Health has always been the cornerstone of The Organic Pharmacy as I’m a great believer in prevention and taking care of our bodies naturally, it gives us energy and power to experience life at our full potential. It’s wonderful to see so many of our spa partners and the beauty industry in general discussing wellness, nutrition and detox as mainstream and implementing it into their offering for us all to enjoy.
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organic  autumn/winter newsletter 2017
Autumn/Winter Newsletter 2017
A shift in the season is a gift, an opportunity for a fresh start, allowing us to turn over a new leaf. In this issue we talk about how to Refresh & Rejuvenate your system in our R&R Detox as well as our latest new launches and our favourite rituals that we know you will love. 
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organic  spring/summer newsletter 2017
Spring/Summer Newsletter 2017
The Organic Pharmacy Spring/Summer Newsletter celebrates our 15th Anniversary with our summer essentials, new product and treatment launches and tips & tricks on how to quit sugar.
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organic autumn/winter newsletter 2016
Autumn/Winter Newsletter 2016
The Organic Pharmacy Autumn/Winter Newsletter 16/17 full of tips and tricks from our own Margo Marrone on how to beat the winter blues, our tried and tested hangover solution and a special recipe from our Anti-Ageing Pantry.
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organic detox instructions
Detox Instructions
The purpose of this detox programme is to cleanse and repair all the major detoxification organs through herbs, homeopathy, nutrition and good habits. To teach or re-teach good habits that will set you up for a lifetime of good health.
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organic paraben concentrations in human breast tissue i
Paraben concentrations in human breast tissue I
Measurement of paraben concentrations in human breast tissue at serial locations across the breast from axilla to sternum. The concentrations of five esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid (parabens) were measured using...
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organic paraben concentrations in human breast tissue ii
Paraben concentrations in human breast tissue II
Parabens in Breast Tissue not Limited to Women who Have Used Underarm Products.New research into the potential link between parabens and breast cancer has found traces of the chemicals in breast tissue...
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organic paraben debate - claire dimmer
Paraben Debate - Claire Dimmer
Claire Dimmer (Chair of No More Breast Cancer), the only charity that recognises environmental pollutants and their link to breast cancer, was a speaker in the Paraben Debate, she discussed the massive differences between blood serum oestradiol in British and Chinese women.
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organic paraben debate - dr philippa d
Paraben Debate - Dr Philippa D'Abre
Dr Philippa D'abre (Senior Lecturer of Oncology at University of Reading), speaker in the Paraben Debate, discussed oestrogenand its role in the development of breast cancer. She discussed the various possible ways in which oestrogenic compounds can enter our bodies.
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organic paraben debate - elizabeth salter green
Paraben Debate - Elizabeth Salter Green
Elizabeth Salter Green (Director of CHEM Trust), speaker in the Paraben Debate, talked about our exposure to 2 particular class of chemicals: the hormone disruptor and chemicals that persist and bio accumulate.
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